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As a result of intensive work and effort devoted by an international group of specialists (the outcome is reflected in 2011-2012 publications; see the Newsletter section at the new journal's website), a new academic journal has been launched - The Journal of Central and Inner Asian Dialogue (JCIAD) - and the first issue is now available.

The issue has been published in English; summaries are available in Turkish and Mongolian.

The new journal provides a possibility for publishing full texts of scholarly works in languages of the Central Asian region (Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Mongolian, Teleut, Uzbek, and others) with summaries in one of the European languages.

The mission of the journal is to provide the grounds for creative dialogue between scholars and students conducting academic research in Central Asia, and thus stimulate and promote Central Asian studies. Emphasis is going to be placed on various facets of history and culture of the region, including art, language, and literature.

The deadline for submitting articles, essays, and reviews for consideration for inclusion in Issue 2 of the journal is January 15, 2014.

Contact address for inquiries and submissions: info@jciadinfo.org