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Etnograficheskoe obozrenie • 3-2019

Tsorieva, I.T.
Ossetian Nartiada: On the History of Recording and Publication the Heroic Epic
[Osetinskaia Nartiada: k istorii zapisi i izdaniia geroicheskogo eposa]

Inga Tsorieva | https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8977-973X | tsorin@mail.ru | V.I. Abaev North Ossetian Institute for Humanitarian and Social Studies of Vladikavkaz Scientific Centre of RAS (10 Prospekt Mira, Vladikavkaz, 362040, Russia)

Type of publication: Research Article

Nart epic, Narts, Ossetian Nart legends, Ossetian version of the epic, recording and publication of Nartiada, academic editions of the Ossetian epic

The article examines the history of recording and publications of the Ossetian version of the heroic Nart epic for more than one and a half centuries. It is noted that the achievements in this issue have been provided not only thanks to the contribution of several generations of domestic and foreign scholars, but also as a result of the state’s close attention to the promotional and educational potential of folklore, particularly epics, in solving various social and cultural problems. The author distinguishes three periods in the history of the issue: pre-revolutionary, Soviet, and post-Soviet. She argues that the periods differed in the ways the priorities of goals were set, which largely determined the intensity of collecting and publishing activities.

Citation (Chicago Manual of Style, 16th ed., Author-Date, article titles not enclosed in quotation marks)

Tsorieva, I.T. 2019. Osetinskaia Nartiada: k istorii zapisi i izdaniia geroicheskogo eposa [Ossetian Nartiada: On the History of Recording and Publication the Heroic Epic]. Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 3: 135-149. https://doi.org/10.31857/S086954150005291-0

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Submitted 24.08.2018 | Accepted 21.09.2018


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